Current Model Predictive Control for Three Phase Active Power Filter Using Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converter

Abdelkader YOUSFI, Youcef BOT, Fayçal MEHEDI, Abdelkader CHAKER


In the last years, multilevel inverter topologies have been introduced and considered for several applications, especially in medium and high power conversion. It was proved that these inverter topologies can ensure the generation of high-quality voltage waveforms based on power semiconductor switches that are operating at a frequency near the fundamental. Among the available multilevel inverter topologies, the H-bridge multilevel inverter constitutes a promising alternative.This paper presents a model predictive current control algorithm that is suitable for multilevel converters and its application to a three-phase cascaded H-bridge inverter.This report a comparison study between two control methods associated with a shunt active power filter based on three-level type cascaded  inverter. The first method is based on the conventional PI regulator and the second is based on the predictive current controller. The reference current for shunt active power filter is generated by using p-q control strategy for the compensation of reactive power and current harmonics.The three-level type cascade inverter has more advantages relatively to the two-level inverter; The performance of the APF is tested by simulation using Matlab/Simulink.The predictive controlled the APF associated with the three-level inverter shows more performances and efficiency compared to the conventional control algorithms.


Model predictive control ;Cascaded H-bridge inverter; Shunt active power filter ; Multilevel inverter ;Harmonic


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