An image encryption algorithm with a novel chaotic coupled mapped lattice and chaotic image scrambling technique

Behrang Chaboki, Ali Shakiba


In this paper, we build a novel chaotic coupled lattice mapping with positive Lyapunov exponent, and introduce a novel chaotic image scrambling mechanism. Then, we propose a chaotic image encryption algorithm which uses the introduced chaotic coupled lattice mapping to apply permutation by iteratively applying the introduced chaotic image scrambling mechanism, and diffusing the pixel values. We use a sorting approach rather than quantizing the chaotic floating-point values to construct the diffusion matrix. We also study the security of the proposed algorithm concerning several security measures including brute-force attack, differential attack, key sensitivity, and statistical attacks. Moreover, the proposed algorithm is robust against data loss and noise attacks.


Chaotic Coupled Lattice Mapping; Chaotic Image Scrambling; Chaotic Image Encryption

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