A Sustainable Procedural Method of Software Design Process Improvements

khalid T. Al-Sarayreh, Kenza Meridji, Mamdouh Alenezi, Mohammed Zarour, Mohammed D. Al-Majali


In practice, the software process is an intermediate phase for enhancement and improvements the design for different types of software products and help developers to converts the specified requirements into prototypes that implement the design into reality. The objective of this paper is to provide software developers, designers and software engineers who work in small companies with a standards-based process improvement using a procedural method technique including detailed steps for designing the small software systems into their companies. The method used in this paper includes 1) analysis four different types of commonly design processes used by industry such as CMMI, conventional or software process in ISO 19759, generic and engineering design processes. 2)  mapping between those four design processes. 3) collect the dispersed design concepts proposed by those four processes. 4) proposed a sustainable procedural method of software design process improvements 5) Illustration of the applicability of the proposed approach using A template-based implementation. The primary result of this study is a guideline procedure with detailed steps for software design process improvements to help and guide developers in small companies to analyze and design a small software scales with limited cost and duration. In conclusion, this paper proposed a method to improve the design process for different kinds of the software systems using a template-based implementation to reduce the cost, effort and time needed in the implementation phase in small companies. The scientific implication behind a template-based implementation helps the system and software engineering to use this template easily in their small companies; because most of the time those engineering developers are responsible for analyzing, designing, implementing and testing their software systems during the whole software life cycle


Software Design process improvements, Procedural Design process improvements, Software Design Process, Generic Design Process, Scientific Design Process, Engineering Design Process.


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