An efficient method for stamps isolation from background combined K-mean/ISODATA with region growing

Maha A. Rajab, Dr. Loay E. George


     Often image stamp surrounding with an unwanted data such as, noise, object, text, patches etc., thus, it becomes necessary to extract stamp and removing the unwanted background. In this paper, an efficient and robust method for extracting stamp is proposed. The proposed stamp extraction method comprises of four main phases (i.e., data points clustering, background isolation, image segmentation, and finally stamp extracted). Data points clustering is done by applying k-mean clustering algorithm to cluster RGB band and ISODATA clustering algorithm to merge clusters and compute mean and standard deviation for each cluster to isolated background cluster from stamp cluster in background isolation stage. For stamp extraction, a region growing algorithm is applied to segment the image and then choosing the connected region to produce a binary mask for the stamp area. Finally, the binary mask is combined with the original image to extract the stamp disconnected regions. The proposed method is implemented on one dataset available publicly named Stamps Dataset. The test results indicate that the number of clusters can be determined dynamically and the largest cluster that has minimum standard deviation (i.e., always the largest cluster is the background cluster). The test results show that the binary mask can be established from more than one segment to cover are all stamp’s disconnected pieces and it can be useful to remove the noise patches way appear with stamp region.      


K-Mean clustering; ISODATA clustering; Image segmentation ; Region growing; Stamps extraction


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