A Review of IoT-Based Smart Waste Level Monitoring System for Smart Cities

A.A.I. Shah, S.S.M. Fauzi, R.A. JM Gining, T.R. Razak, M.N.F. Jamaluddin, R. Maskat


Smart cities are covering the population that are seeking the best lifestyle and fulfilling their needs. Through smart cities, necessary modern facilities using ICT emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) had been installed to ensure the sustainability of the city. In the perspective of waste management, several different IoT-based solutions also had been proposed as an alternative to monitor and to ensure the health of communities. This paper reviews existing IoT-based solutions in smart cites’ waste level management system to bring together the state-of-the-art. We performed reviews on 16 research articles from the past 5 years in the literature to provide a comprehensive review of different works on IoT-based solutions related to the smart waste level monitoring system, possible solutions and technologies used. The results obtained shows that existing solutions were similar in the platform used to integrate with the IoT technologies but had some differences in term of the used of sensors and communication technologies. The study also shows that many of the prior studies used Arduino Uno. Results from this study will assist the researcher, focusing on expanding further the used of different technologies or improved the existing system.


Waste management; Smart waste monitoring system; Smart city; Internet of Things; IoT


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