Modelling and PID control system integration for quadcopter DJI F450 attitude stabilization

N. M. Salma, Khairuddin Osman


In this paper we focus on the overall overview of the mathematical modelling of the DJI F450 UAV quadcopter, the hardware and software system integration based on PID control system for the attitude feedback. The parameter specification of the DJI F450 is fed into the mathematical model and implement a basic PID for the system. Future research using the DJI F450 model can benefit from this observation by implementing the modelling and tune in their own variable that varies, such as the overall of their weight. The data of PID control system simulation using the quadcopter frame model type DJI F450 parameter. The mathematical model for the quadcopter modelled DJI F450 is developed using Newton-Euler method. Altitude data for the control system is obtain from the analysis data of the Simulink simulation. The simulation is done using the Simulink toolbox inside the MATLAB software. From this paper, we can more understand the step involves in making a full control system of a quadcopter. The mathematical model for other type of quadcopter model can be implemented using the steps with their own parameter and achieve fast development.


DJI F450; Mathematical model; Newton-euler; UAV

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