Hydrogen electrified railways based shunt hybrid filter

bessadet ibtissam, Tedjini Hamza, Bousserhane Ismail khalil


This paper presents a proposal to keep the conventional railway system, by creating a secure external independent hydrogen station, with the integration of a parallel hybrid filter to isolate the propagation of harmonics, and the reduction of the current ripple.

In modern applicactions hydrogen stations are one of the most important sources of sustainable energy, it has been widely recognized as efficient and zero emission power sources suited for stationary power generation and mobile applications.

Most current research proposes to integrate the fuel cell into the railway, and this will make it face higher risks such as accidents and vibrations as well as the approach of the storage a system to different people.

We study each parts of the proposal system and we show the impact of the uses of shunt hybrid power filter in stoping of the harmonics propagation to the hydrogyne side.


PEMFC; Buck boost; Harmonics Shunt hybrid power filter; Electric railway.


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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v21.i1.pp%25p
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