Cloud Management and Monitoring - A Systematic Mapping Study

Isaac Odun-Ayo


Cloud management is key to providing accurate service availability and performance data as well as enabling real time provisioning that automatically provides the capacity to meet service demands. The objective of this paper is to conduct a systematic mapping study of cloud management and monitoring. Three facets were applied in conducting the categorization. These are the research, contribution and topic facets. The purpose was to determine the level of work so far carried out in the area of cloud computing management. This enabled the creation of a pictorial representation of the research coverage. The result of the study showed that there are no opinion research on cloud management. Generally, articles on experience research, philosophical research and metric are the lowest at 6.62%, 4.41% and 1.90% respectively, while articles on models, solution research and evaluation research are the highest with 52.38%, 46.32% and 31.62% respectively. The outcome of this study will stimulate further research in the area cloud management and systematic studies.


Cloud computing; Cloud management; Cloud monitoring; Service Level Agreement; Systematic mapping

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