Projective Synchronization for 4D Hyperchaotic System Based on Adaptive Nonlinear Control Strategy

Zaidoon Sh. Al-Talib, Saad Fawzi AL-Azzawi


The main purpose of the paper is to projective synchronous chaotic oscillation in the real four-dimensional hyperchaotic model via designing many adaptive nonlinear controllers. Firstly, in view that there are many strategies in the design process of existing controllers, a nonlinear control strategy is considered as one of the important powerful tools for controlling the dynamical systems. The prominent advantage of the nonlinear controller lies in that its deal with known and unknown parameters. Then, projective synchronize behavior of a four-dimensional hyperchaotic system is analyzed by using Lyapunov stability theory and positive definite matrix, and the nonlinear control strategy is adopted to synchronize the hyperchaotic system. Finally, the effectiveness and robustness of the designed adaptive nonlinear controller are verified by simulation.


4D-Lorenz system, Projective synchronization, Lyapunov stability theory, Nonlinear control strategy


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