Categorizing and measurement satellite image processing of fire in the forest greece using remote sensing

Ali Abdul Wahhab Mohammed, Hussein Thary Khamees


This paper has been utilized satellite Sentinel-2A imagery, this satellite is a polar-orbiting, multispectral high-resolution to cover Athens city, Greece that located at latitude (37° 58′ 46″) N, (23° 42′ 58″) E.,the work aims to measurement and study the wildfires natural resourcesbefore and after fire break out that happenedin forests of Athens city in Greece for a year (2007, 2018) and analysis the damage caused by these wildfiresand their impact on environment  and soil  by categorize the satellite images for the interested region before and after wildfires for a year (2007) and  a year (2018) and Discuss techniques that compute the area covered of each class and lessen  or limit the rapidly spreading wildfires damage.The categorizing utilizing the moments with (K-Means) grouping algorithm in RS (remote sensing). And the categorizing results show five unique classes (water, trees, buildings without tree, buildings with tree, bare lands) where, it can be notice that the region secured by each class before and after wildfires and the changed pixels for all classes.The experimental resulted of categorizing technique shows that the good performance exactness with a good categorizing and result analysisa bout the harms resulted from the fires in the forest Greece for a years (2007 and 2018).


Categorizing image; Fires; Moment feature; Remote sensing; Sentinel-2A

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