An Efficient and Optimized Tracking Framework through Optimizing Algorithm in a Deep Forest Using Near Field Communication

Md. Abbas Ali Khan, Mohammad Hanif Ali, A.K.M Fazlul Haque, Chandan Debnath, Shohag Kumar Bhowmik


Tour is such a preferable time that all aged people like and enjoy to spend their best moments. The popularity of traveling is increasing gradually as infrastructures have been repaired and other supporting facilities have been added all over the world. One of the facilities which can be added in the tracking system is the implementation of Near Field Communication in order to guide each tourist in the deep forest or any other location. In the deep forest, tracking or location detection activities need to be done efficiently, like desired path finding in a deep forest. At present, the tracking procedure in deep forest is working with the help of guides or local citizens. Currently, in any restricted area such as the “Sundarban” forest, no outside general people are allowed to travel in the jungle without any authorized guide which is not an efficient way to travel smoothly. The use of Near Field Communication can solve the problem related to lost the way, safety, and easily help the travelers to track the desired destination without the help of human resources or any guide.


NFC , Tracking, Forest, NFC Tag, NFC Device

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