A response time reduction for DC motor controller using SISO technique

Falih S. M. Alkhafaji, W. Z. Wan Hasan, M. M. Isa, N. Sulaiman


In an industrial controller, over five decades there are many attempts had been proposed to improve a method of tuning proportional gains of PID controller. Where in the review there is a very little attention have been paid to use satisfactory tuning to get maximum performance. This paper proposes an alternative solution to maximize optimization for a controller-based DC motor. The novel methodology relies on merge proper tuning with optimization using SISO-Optimization technique-based tune ). The comparative study has been done by utilizing classical tuning methods Z N, SIMC, CHR, and AMIGO, to obtain suitable tuning to be joined with . The proposed PID controller was examined in term of response time characteristics. This strategy provides a superior reduction in peak overshoot Pos, dead time td, rise time tr, settling time ts, and peak time tp, that could be utilized to improve the responses of a DC motor controller. Based on comparison results, it was founded that a CHR based SISO_optimization  playing a superior role over others in term of Pos 0%, td 0.1811µsec., tr 17.2 µsec, ts30.7 µsec, tp 80 µsec, and the number of iterations iter No 9.Ultimatly,this work overcome the majority of previouse work that related with this approach.


CHR, OBT, PID, Response time, SISO

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v17.i2.pp895-906
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