The performance of COR optimisation using different constraint handling strategies to solve ELD

Azralmukmin Azmi, Samila Mat Zali, Mohd Noor Abdullah, Mohammad Faridun Naim Tajuddin, Siti Rafidah Abdul Rahim


This research compares the performance of Competitive Over Resources (COR) optimisation method using a different type of constraint handling strategy to solve the economic load dispatch (ELD) problem. Previously, most research focused on proposing various optimisation techniques using the Penalty Factor Strategy (PFS) to search for a better global optimum. The issue using the penalty factor is that it is difficult to find the correct tune of constant value that influences the algorithm to find the solution. The other technique is using Feasible Solution Strategy (FSS), the idea of which is to locate the infeasible particle to the feasible solution and avoid being trapped by the unsuccessful condition of constraint. This paper investigates the performance of PFS and FSS on the COR optimisation method for solving ELD. Both strategies have been tested on two standard test systems to compare the performance in terms of a global solution, robustness and convergence. The simulation shows that FSS is a better solution compared to PFS.


Constraint handling, Feasible solution strategy, Optimisation, Competitive over resources, Economic load dispatch

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