Network intrusion detection system using immune-genetic algorithm (IGA)

Hamizan Suhaimi, Saiful Izwan Suliman, Ismail Musirin, Afdallyna Harun, Roslina Mohamad, Murizah Kassim, Shahrani Shahbudin


Network security is an important aspect in maintaining computer network systems and personal information from being illegally accessed by third parties. The major problem that frequently occurs in computer network systems is the failure in detecting possible network-attacks. Apart from that, the process of recognizing the type of attack that occurs is very crucial as it will determine the elimination process that should take place to counter the intrusion. This paper proposes the application of standard Genetic Algorithm (GA) that combines with immune algorithm process to enhance the computer system’s capability in recognizing possible intrusion occurrence in a computer system. Simulation was conducted numerous times to test the effectiveness of the proposed intrusion detection system by manipulating the parameter values for genetic operators utilized in GA. The effectiveness of the proposed method is shown in the gathered results and the analysis conducted further supports and proves that Immune Genetic Algorithm (IGA) has the capability to predict the occurrence of intrusion in computer network.


Genetic Algorithm; Immune-Genetic Algorithm; Intrusion Detection System; Computer Network Systems

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