An early fault detection approach in grid-connected photovoltaic (GCPV) system

N. Muhammad, H. Zainuddin, E. Jaaper, Z. Idrus


Faults in any components of PV system shall lead to performance degradation and if prolonged, it can leads to fire hazard. This paper presents an approach of early fault detection via acquired historical data sets of grid-connected PV (GCPV) systems. The approach is a developed algorithm comprises of failure detection on AC power by using Acceptance Ratio (AR) determination. Specifically, the implemented failure detection stage was based on the algorithm that detected differences between the actual and predicted AC power of PV system. Furthermore, the identified alarm of system failure was a decision stage which performed a process based on developed logic and decision trees. The results obtained by comparing two types of GCPV system (polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon PV system), showed that the developed algorithm could perceive the early faults upon their occurrence. Finally, when applying AR to the PV systems, the faulty PV system demonstrated 93.38 % of AR below 0.9, while the fault free PV system showed only 31.4 % of AR below 0.9.


Grid-connected; Photovoltaic system; Fault detection; AC Power; Acceptance Ratio

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