Evaluation on effectiveness of learning linear algebra using gamification

Rini Hafzah Abdul Rahim, Aslina Baharum, Hanafi Hijazi


This study evaluate effectiveness of learning Linear Algebra using gamification strategy. In this study, gamification with storytelling strategy is used as teaching tools to attract student to learn Linear Algebra. This study using Polytechnic Malaysia syllabus with focus group of Diploma students for semester three (Mechanical Engineering) and semester four (Electrical Engineering) for two topics; Matrix and Numerical Method. They are five methods of calculation simultaneous linear equations which is ‘Inverse’, ‘Cramer's Rule’, ‘Gauss Elimination’, ‘Lower Upper Doolittle’ and ‘Lower Upper Crout’. They are three main phases to develop this gamification; Pedagogy Phase, Design Phase and Evaluation Phase. Mixed methods approach combining quantitative (survey) and qualitative (Electroencephalogram) is used to evaluate students learning process using Linear Algebra gamification application. The findings of the five items surveyed showed that the acceptance of the prototype of the Linear Algebra Gamification Application was very encouraging from a total of 104 students. This is because all 38 questions for the five items earn a median of four and this indicates the majority of students choose “Agree” and “Strongly Agree”. The findings also show the percent “Agree” and “Strongly Agree” for all questions having a high percentage of between 61.5 and 94.2. This shows more than half satisfied and likes to use the Linear Algebra Gamification Application prototype. With the development of the Linear Algebra Gamification Application prototype, it is hoped that the use of learning based can be extended to a variety of subjects as well as topics to make the learning process more interesting and fun as well as helping to motivate students to learn


Gamification, Quantitative, Polytechnic, Linear Algebra

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v17.i2.pp997-1004
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