Securing speech signals by watermarking binary images in the wavelet domain

Rakan Saadallah Rashid, Jafar Ramadhan Mohammed


Digital watermarking is the process of embedding particular information into other signal data in such a way that the quality of the original data is maintained and secured. Watermarking can be performed on images, videos, texts, or audio to protect them from copyright violation. Among all of these types of watermarking, audio watermarking techniques are gaining more interest and becoming more challenging because the quality of such signals is highly affected by the watermarked code. This paper introduces some efficient approaches that have capability to maintain the signals’ quality and preserves the important features of the audio signals.  Moreover, the proposed digital audio watermarking approaches are performed in the transform domain. These approaches are gaining more attention due to their robustness or resistance to the attackers. These transform domains include discrete cosine transform (DCT), short-term Fourier transform (STFT), and digital wavelet transform (DWT). Furthermore, the most digital wavelet transforms were found to be applicable for speech watermarking are the Haar and the Daubechies-4.


Watermarking; Wavelet Transform; Audio Signal;Binary Image


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