Intelligent security system detects the hidden objects in the smart grid

Ammar Wisam Altaher, Abdullah Hasan Hussein


Monitoring the general public gathered in large numbers is one of the most challenging tasks faced by the law and order enforcement team. There is swiftly demand to that have inbuilt sensors which can detect the concealed weapon, from a standoff distance the system can locate the weapon with very high accuracy. Objects that are obscure and invisible from human vision can be seen vividly from enhanced artificial vision systems. Image Fusion is a computer vision technique that fuses images from multiple sensors to give accurate information. Image fusion using visual and infrared images has been employed for a safe, non-invasive standoff threat detection system. The fused imagery is further processed for specific identification of weapons. The unique approach to discover concealed weapon based on DWT in conjunction with Meta heuristic algorithm Harmony Search Algorithm and SVM classification is presented. It firstly uses the traditional discrete wavelet transform along with the hybrid Hoteling transform to obtain a fused imagery. Then a heuristic search algorithm is applied to search the best optimal harmony to generate the new principal components of the registered input images which is later classified using the K means support vector machines to build better classifiers for concealed weapon detection. Experimental results demonstrate the hybrid approach which shows the superior performance.


image fusion; infrared image; object deetection


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