Developed artificial neural network based human face recognition

Maryam Mahmood Hussein, Ammar Hussein Mutlag, Hussain Shareef


Face recognition has become one of the most important challenging problems in personal computer-human interaction, video observation, and biometric. Many algorithms have been developed in the recent years. Theses algorithms are not sufficiently robust to address the complex images. Therefore, this paper proposes soft computing algorithm based face recognition. One of the most promising soft computing algorithms which is back-propagation artificial neural network (BP-ANN) has been proposed. The proposed BP-ANN has been developed to improve the performance of the face recognition. The implementation of the developed BP-ANN has been achieved using MATLAB environment. The developed BP-ANN requires supervised training to learn how to anticipate results from the desired data. The BP-ANN has been developed to recognition 10 persons. Ten images have been used for each person. Therefore, 100 images have been utilized to train the developed BP-ANN. In this research 50 images have been used for testing purpose. The results show that the developed BP-ANN has produced a success ratio of 82%.


Face detection, Face recognition,Viola-Jones algorithm, back-propagation artificial neural network (BP-ANN)

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