Designing cantilever dimension for low power wireless applications

Md Rabiul Awal, Muzammil Jusoh, R. Badlishah Ahmad, Thennarasan Sabapathy, M. Najib M. Yasin, Mohd Hafizuddin Mat


This paper presents the effect of cantilever width on the displacement pattern for low power acoustic energy propagation. A single layer cantilever configuration is used to design the harvester with Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT-5H). The device is designed with 10×(1 to 10)×0.62 mm dimension. The displacements of the cantilever are obtained through the simulation analysis. The maximum displacements are found of 9.80E-28 mm with the smallest width while minimum displacement is found from 5 mm width. From the results, it is obvious that, smaller width can result larger displacements, however, rectangular and square cantilever shape can be advantageous for low power applications.


Cantilever displacements, Acoustic signal, Acoustic energy, Low power applications

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