The impact of electronic payment on electronic shopping decision in Jordan

Khaled Aldiabat


Rapid changes in the world of the Internet have led to changes in the electronic markets, especially the speed of information creation compared to normal markets, the reduction of the time between the search and the product, and the ability of the seller and buyer to deal with each other despite the distance between them, The electronic shopping decision depends on the method of payment. This study attempts to measure the effect of e-cards on the decision of e-shopping in Jordan through four aspects, namely: use and reliability, trust and safety, type of e-card and perception. The study reiterated that there is a positive relationship between the use and reliability of electronic cards and the decision of electronic shopping, where the use of electronic cards increases the decision of online shopping, the study also concluded that the type of electronic card and payment method affects the electronic purchase decision (credit card, debit card, prepaid card, cash on delivery).


electronic payment cards; electronic shopping; electronic card type, use and reliability; trust and safety

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