A Conceptual Model of Role Based Access Control Using Role Mining Algorithm

Nazirah Abd Hamid, Rabiah Ahmad, Siti Rahayu Selamat


Numerous studies have shown that currently, role-based access control has becoming one of the successful access control model because of its principle that could simplifies the work of security administrators. However, to construct a concise, role-based access control system, a good role mining algorithm structure is needed therefore the objectives of this paper are firstly, to provide a general overview on phases that involved in designing and developing the algorithm and secondly, to introduce a conceptual model that constructed based on the analysis and this model represents a general process in role mining model. This model involved series of phases that begin with the input of data, pre-processing stage, candidate role generation phase, role selection and role assignment process and lastly number of roles as generated output.


RBAC, role mining, conceptual model

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v12.i3.pp1394-1400
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