Providing Authentication by Using Biometric Multimodal Framework for Cloud Computing

R. Parimala Mala, C. Jayakumar Kumar


Secret knowledge, like remembering password or token based authentication systems are deemed inconvenience and difficult to use for users such as password may be forgotten or token may be lost. So burdens like remembering password and stolen or forged token based authentication have raised a current trend of biometric authentication system. Now in this current tech world, everyone needs security everywhere to protect our personal gadgets.  So to keep it secured, biometric based approach can be applied for better convenience and ease of use for the user. In this paper, a novel hybrid multimodal approach for ear recognition and finger print recognition has been presented for better robustness and efficiency which can be applied in various fields of applications like authentication in banking transactions. Biometric based human recognition is rapidly gaining popularity due to breached of traditional security systems and the lowering cost of sensors. This paper comprehensively reviews multimodal recognition using ear pattern and finger print data, it is concluded that further research should investigate fast and fully automatic ear-finger print multimodal systems robust to occlusions and deformations.


Cloud Computing

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