Comparative analysis of energy based optimized dynamic source multipath routing protocol in WSNs

Nabeena Ameen, Najumnissa Jamal, L. Arun Raj


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has been considered to be a formula for overcoming various requirements like surveillance, health care, traffic surveillance and defense systems. As an aid to the demands for Wireless sensor network, research has been going on the efficient consumption of energy and secure communication areas for WSN. Here introducing Ant colony optimization based Optimized dynamic Secure multipath routing protocol (ODMRP) have improvised WSN in terms of energy efficiency, performance, strength and scalability. This paper proposed mechanism of Ant Colony Optimization based on the optimized dynamic secure multipath routing protocol (ODMRP-ACO) for data transmission in the WSNs.  This eases the data transmission via WSNs. The shortest path between the source node and the destination node is analyzed by the ant colony cooperation which is based on the ACO. There are several routing protocols like Energy-aware and Secure Routing with Trust (ESRT-ACO), Split multipath routing protocol-Ant colony Optimization (SMR-ACO), Light Weight Trust Based routing protocol (TLB-AODV) and AODV routing protocols that are built with the ACO based Routing Protocol. They are concerned over the End to End Delay, Packet Delivery Rate, Routing Overhead, Throughput and Energy Efficiency. The data analytic results have proven to be effective compared to the other routing protocols designed for WSN. This is because; the overall ODMRP-ACO was calculated to be 96.98% better than the other existing. For the newly developed ODMRP-ACO protocol, the simulation platform used is NS2 simulation software.


Routing optimization, Ant colony Optimization (ACO), Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy efficient, routing protocols, Packet Delivery.

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