Global Convergence of a New Coefficient Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Method

Nur Syarafina Mohamed, Mustafa Mamat, Mohd Rivaie, Shazlyn Milleana Shaharuddin


Nonlinear conjugate gradient (CG) methods are widely used in optimization field due to its efficiency for solving a large scale unconstrained optimization problems. Many studies and modifications have been developed in order to improve the method. The method is known to possess sufficient descend condition and its global convergence properties under strong Wolfe-Powell search direction. In this paper, the new coefficient of CG method is presented. The global convergence and sufficient descend properties of the new coefficient are established by using strong Wolfe-Powell line search direction. Results show that the new coefficient is able to globally converge under certain assumptions and theories.


Conjugate Gradient Method; Strong Wolfe-Powell Line search; Global convergence

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