Cascaded Neural Network Based Data Mining Strategy for Cloud Intrusion Detection

P Purniemaa, R Jagadeesh Kannan


In recent years data mining has acquired huge popularity in the field of knowledge discovery. Thus, this approach has inspired several researches for anomaly detection, fraud detection and intrusion detection with higher accuracy, all round generalization of the problem and its sub cases; all giving higher performance in conditions subjected to continuous alteration. Though there remain quite a few challenging problems in design and implementation of a data mining based cloud intrusion detection system, as deception tactics and modeling of behavior remains a daunting problem to compute for anomaly owing to massive size of data to process in reasonable time. In this study we present a cascaded neural network based data mining strategy for cloud intrusion detection systems (IDSs) and presents the comparison and performance results tested on DARPA Intrusion Detection (ID) Data Sets, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Cup, NSL-KDD dataset. The study exhibits numerous advantages offered by the presented method and give reliable results of anomaly detection in real time scenario.


Cloud Intrusion Detection; data mining; cascaded neural network

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