GWO Based Optimal Reactive Power Coordination of DFIG, ULTC and Capacitors

Mogaligunta Sankaraiah, Sanna Suresh Reddy, M Vijaya Kumar


Wind is available with free of cost anywhere in the world, this wind can be used for power generation due to many advantages. This attracts the researchers to work on wind power plants. The presence of wind power plants on distribution system causes major influence on voltage controlled devices (VCDs) in terms of life of the devices. Therefore, this paper proposes grey wolf optimization method (GWO) together with forecasted load one day in advance. VCDs are on load tap changer (ULTC) and capacitors (CS), there are two main objectives first one is curtail of distribution network (DN) loss and second one is curtailing of ULTC and CS switching’s. Objectives are achieved by controlling the reactive power of DFIG in coordination with VCDs. The proposed method is planned and applied in Matlab/Simulink on 10KV practical system with DFIG located at different locations. To validate the efficacy of GWO, results are compared with conventional and dynamic programming methods without profane grid circumstances.


Doubly fed induction generator (DFIG), on load tap changer (ULTC), grey wolf optimization algorithm (GWO).

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