Different Algorithms for Improving Detection Power of Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry

Ning Cui, Jian Cui


The purpose of detecting trace concentrations of analytes often is hindered by occurring noise in the signal curves of analytical methods. This is also a problem when different arsenic species (organic arsenic species such as arsanilic acid, nitarsone and roxarsone) are to be determined in animal meat by HPLC-UV-HG-AFS, which is the basis of this work. In order to improve the detection power, methods of signal treatment may be applied. We show a comparison of convolution with Gaussian distribution curves, Fourier transform, and wavelet transform. It is illustrated how to estimate decisive parameters for these techniques. All methods result in improved limits of detection. Furthermore, applying baselines and evaluating peaks thoroughly is facilitated. However, there are differences. Fourier transform may be applied, but convolution with Gaussian distribution curves shows better results of improvement. The best of the three is wavelet transform, whereby the detection power is improved by factors of about 2.4.


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11591/telkomnika.v10i7.1581

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