Real-Time LCD Digit Recognition System

N. M. Saad, N. S. M. Noor, A. R. Abdullah, O. Y. Fong, N. N. S. A. Rahman


In recent years, the utilization of digital instruments in industries is quickly expanding. This is because digital instruments are typically more exact than the analog instruments, and easier to be read as they are hooked up to a liquid-crystal display (LCD). However, manual data entry from LCD display is tedious and less accurate. This paper proposes a real-time LCD digit recognition system for the industrial purposes. The system is interfaced with an IP webcam to capture the video frames from the LCD display. The digital data is pre-processed into grayscale and being cropped into a selected region of interest (ROI). Adaptive thresholding and morphological operation are applied for the digit segmentation process. Data extraction and characterization are done by utilizing neural network classifier. Finally, all the information are logged out to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The 90% accuracy is accomplished for 50 test images of various LCD display.

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