Comparison of Flying Capacitor Fifteen Level Inverter and Thirty Three Level Inverter PWM Control Strategies

Farouk Hadj Benali, Fouad Azzouz


In the paper two PWM control strategies of multilevel flying capacitor inverter is proposed. The study starts with a presentation of the Flying capacitor inverter and the two PWM control strategies (SPWM and Suboptimal PWM). Than a section which presents a brief recall of the triangular multicarrier PWM and the sinusoidal multicarrier PWM. A comparison between the two PWM control strategies based on the simulation results is made. The subjects of comparison are the root mean square rms of the output voltage and the total harmonic distortion THD. The obtained results have proved that the Suboptimal PWM is better than the SPWM. Simulations are carried out by PSIM program.

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