Design of a Grating Generator for Three-dimensional Scanner

He Xingzheng


In the three-dimensional scanners (3D scanners) based on structured-light technology, the commercial video projector was always borrowed to act as the electronic grating generator, which is a key hardware to the device. But there were some defects existed. For example, the size was too large for setting in the case of the device, and it could not be controlled by a single chip microprocessor conveniently, etc.. To solve these problems, a new grating generator was designed. The gratings were numbered and encoded in computer instructions, and then a complex programmable logic device (CPLD) chip was used to control a liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) video chip, to write its data ports directly corresponding to the instructions. It has small size, simple interfaces, prompt response, clear instructions, and it worked well.




Grating generator; 3D scanner; Structured-light; Electronic grating; CPLD

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