The absorber and buffer layer thicknesses for CdTe/CdS based thin film solar cell efficiency at various operational temperatures

Omar Ghanim Ghazal, Ahmed Waleed Kasim, Nabeel Zuhair Tawfeeq


CdTe/CdS solar cell is a promising candidate for PV energy production, as fabrication costs are compared by silicon wafers. Most researchers have reported on the characteristics of the semiconductor as their wide direct bandgap and high absorption coefficient. We include an analysis of the improvement and efficiency of CdTe/CdS solar cells while optimizing structural parameters like absorbing, buffer,  and also their relationship with temperature.SCAPS-1D 3.3 software is used to analyze and develop energy-efficient The impact of operating thermal efficiency on solar cells is highlighted in this article to explore the temperature dependence. Photovoltaic parameters were calculated in different absorber layers, buffer layers, and window layer thicknesses (CdTe, CdS, and SnO2). we simulated the J-V characteristics. The effect of the thicknesses of the layers, and the fundamental characteristics of open-circuit voltage, fill factor, short circuit current, and solar energy conversion efficiency were studied. The simulation's results showed that the thickness of the absorber and buffer layers could be optimized. The temperature had a major impact on the CdTe/CdS solar cells as well. The optimized solar cell has a efficiency  performance of > 14% when exposed to the AM1.5 G spectrum. CdTe 3000nm, CdS 50nm, SnO2 500nm, and (at) T 300k were the I-V characteristics  gave the best conversion Voc= 0.8317 volts, Jsc= 23.15 mA/cm2, FF % = 77.48, and η% = 14.73. The results of this simulation can be used to provide important guidance for future work on multi-junction solar cell design.


CdTe/CdS; SCAPS-1D; Solar cell; Thin film solar cell;



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