Compact dual-band RF rectifier for wireless energy harvesting using CRLH technique

Marwa Alhily, Nasr Al-Khafaji, Salim Wadi


In this paper, a new dual-band RF rectifier was designed. The proposed design is a low profile structure with dimensions of 5 X 5.5 mm2 owing to the use of lumped elements rather than the conventional transmission lines which occupy large footprints. This property can be potentially exploited to use the proposed rectifier in high dense rectenna arrays to generate high output DC voltages. Furthermore, the proposed design adopts the composite right/left-handed CRLH technique to realize the dual-band structure at frequencies of 1.8GHz and 2.4GHz. Afterward, the matching circuit was optimized to make sure that it offers good matching. The frequency response shows good matching at both bands which are about -22dB and -25dB respectively. Eventually, the simulated circuit has a conversion efficiency of 52% and output voltages of 0.5V at -5dBm for the two bands.


Dual-band rectifier; CRLH matching network; RF energy harvesting;



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