Development of mobile and desktop applications for a fingerprint-based attendance management system

Olubunmi Adewale Akinola, Sikiru Olatunde Olopade, Akindele Segun Afolabi


Mobile application technology has been at the forefront of technological advancement in recent years. This has made life easier, and tasks that were considered herculean have been made easier and executable in a much shorter time than ever. One of such tasks is the process of taking attendance during events (such as lectures, conferences, etc.) by scribbling one’s signature and other personal details on a central register. This manual process is cumbersome and inconvenient, especially when a large number of participants are involved. To address this problem, this paper presents an automated solution in which a Java-based mobile application was developed and connected wirelessly to a central database that was created using MySQL application whose task, among others, was to record attendance information. The database was connected to the backend of the web-based software program which was coded in PHP programming language. Authentication was achieved through username, password, and fingerprint information. The system was deployedin a University to log Students’ details, Time absent, Time Present, Cumulative attendances per month, etc. and it was realised that the system was highly effective, efficient and provides a fast and easy access to attendance statistics from anywhere via the Internet.


Attendance register; Database; Fingerprint biometrics; Mobile application; Server;



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