Method for improving ripple reduction during phase shedding in multiphase buck converters for SCADA systems

Mini P. Varghese, A. Manjunatha, T. V. Snehaprabha


In the current digital environment, CPUs, FPGAs, ASICs, as well as peripherals, are growing progressively complex. On motherboards in many areas of computing, from laptops and tablets to servers and Ethernet switches, multiphase phase buck regulators are seen to be more common nowadays, because of the higher power requirements. This study describes a four-stage buck converter with a phase shedding scheme that can be used to power processors in PLCs. The proposed power supply is designed to generate a regulated voltage with minimal ripple. Because of the suggested phase shedding method, this power supply also offers better light load efficiency. For this objective, a multiphase system with phase shedding is modeled in MATLAB SIMULINK, and the findings are validated. 


Multiphase buck converter; Phase shedding; Transient response; Voltage regulator modules; Voltage ripple



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