Analysis of determination of items ordering patterns by using apriori method (case study in University of Potensi Utama)

Bob Subhan Riza, Hendra Nusa Putra, Ahmad Zamsuri, Lusiana Efrizoni, Sarjon Defit


This study is entitled Analysis of the Determination of Ordering Patterns of Items Using Apriori Method Case Study of Major Potential Universities. The research conducted by the author uses data mining and uses the Apriori method which divides arranged items into two so that the more detailed types of items are often ordered so that it can help inventory to increase the stock of items needed by the staff of Potential Main University. Ordering items is one of the activities carried out at the Main Potential University which is usually used to process work activities in the office. The test results using a priori algorithm and a system built using 2 item sets showed 94% confidence results that have met the needs in determining the pattern of ordering items based on the tendency of ordering items carried out by each department. 


Apriori; Big data; Data mining; Item set; Rule association



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