Designing consensus algorithm for collaborative signature-based intrusion detection system

Eko Arip Winanto, Mohd Yazid Idris, Deris Stiawan, Mohammad Sulkhan Nurfatih


Signature-based collaborative intrusion detection system (CIDS) is highly depends on the reliability of nodes to provide IDS attack signatures. Each node in the network is responsible to provide new attack signature to be shared with other node. There are two problems exist in CIDS highlighted in this paper, first is to provide data consistency and second is to maintain trust among the nodes while sharing the attack signatures. Recently, researcher find that blockchain has a great potential to solve those problems. Consensus algorithm in blockchain is able to increase trusts among the node and allows data to be inserted from a single source of truth. In this paper, we are investigating three blockchain consensus algorithms: proof of work (PoW), proof of stake (PoS), and hybrid PoW-PoS chain-based consensus algorithm which are possibly to be implemented in CIDS. Finally, we design an extension of hybrid PoW-PoS chain-based consensus algorithm to fulfill the requirement. This extension we name it as proof of attack signature (PoAS).


Blockchain; CIDS; Consensus; Algorithm; IDS; Signature-based

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