Modeling and validation of lithium-ion battery with initial state of charge estimation

Ali Mohsen Alsabari, M.K Hassan, Azura CS, Ribhan Zafira


The modeling of lithium-ion battery is an important element to the management of batteries in industrial applications. Various models have been studied and investigated, ranging from simple to complex. The second-order equivalent circuit model was studied and investigated since the dynamic behavior of the battery is fully characterized. The simulation model was built in Matlab Simulink using the Kirchhoff Laws principle in mathematical equations, while the battery's internal parameters were identified by using the BTS4000 (Battery tester) device. To estimate the full state of charge (SOC), the initial state of charge (SOC0) must be identified or measured. Hence, this paper seeks for the SOC estimation by using experimental terminal voltage data and SOC with Matlab lookup table. Then, the simulated terminal voltage, as well as the SOC of the battery are compared and validated against measured data. The maximum relative error of 0.015 V and 2% for terminal voltage and SOC respectively shows that the proposed model is accurate and relevant based on the error analysis.


Battery modeling; Battery tester; BTS4000; SOC; SOC0

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