An automatic system for detecting voltage leaks in houses to save people's lives

Hussein M. Haglan, Hussam Jasim Ali


Many people are exposed to many dangers, such as electrical leakage into parts of the home that lead to death, injury, or loss of material resources. With the great developments that happen daily in the field of technology, one of the most important examples of these developments is the Arduino. The Arduino is a company that produces a software and electronic parts that are open source for companies and students in order to design and build digital devices, design and implement projects and systems that can be linked together or linked with the Internet to facilitate their use to serve society and humanity. It became easier to deploy this technology to solve problems that put people at risk. Many systems that detect leakage of gas, liquids and fires were built using these modern technologies to protect the lives of people and their resources, but no one has actually used these technologies to detect unexpected electrical voltage leaks into the home's water network or walls that resulting from damage in some parts of electrical devices. Therefore, in this paper, we have proposed and designed a system that can detect an unexpected voltage leak from some electric devices to the water network or walls in houses, alarm of house owners by sound, and cut off the electrical current to the house in order to save people's lives and resources.


Arduino; Electrical leakage; House water network; Leak detection; Voltage sensor

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