Intelligent machine for sorting semi-precious minerals

Mikhail Polishchuk, Mikhail Tkach, Igor Parkhomey, Juliy Boiko, Yevhenii Batrak, Oleksander Eromenko


The article is devoted to solving the problem of sorting workpieces from minerals and semi-precious stones that are used in jewelry production. Intensive development of production leads to a reduction of natural resources, including semi-precious minerals. Therefore, the task of saving the use of minerals is relevant. In this article, to solve this problem, a new method for sorting semi-precious minerals is proposed, as well as the design of an intelligent installation for implementing this method. In order to increase the accuracy of sorting minerals and minimize waste of valuable raw materials in the manufacture of products of a given shape and size, the gross volume of the mineral arriving for sorting is determined, and then it is compared with one or more net volumes of manufactured jewelry. Using the proposed installation, the sorted mineral is sent to containers that correspond to the minimum difference between the gross volume of the workpiece and the net volume of the products. The proposed technical solutions can improve the accuracy of sorting minerals and reduce the amount of waste during further mechanical processing of semi - precious minerals. Ultimately, these solutions can improve the efficiency of jewelry production.


Intelligent machine; Pixels; Machine vision; Sorting machine; Artificial intelligence


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