A composite controller based on nonlinear H_∞ and nonlinear disturbance observer for attitude stabilization of a flying robot

Vahid Razmavar, Heidar Ali Talebi, Farzaneh Abdollahi


A novel composite control technique combining the nonlinear disturbance observer with nonlinear  control is proposed for the quadrotor attitude control with external disturbance and parametric uncertainty. Stability analysis is presented to show that global asymptotical stability of the closed-loop system is achieved. It is shown that this composite controller improves the performance of the controller under parametric uncertainty and external disturbance. The results are validated through simulations as compared to a nonlinear  control scheme.


Quadrotor; attitude control; nonlinear disturbance observer; nonlinear H_∞ control; external disturbance; parametric uncertainty


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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v22.i1.pp%25p
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