A Brief Review: Basic Coil Design for Inductive Power Transfer

Nadia Nazieha Nanda, Nadia Nazieha Nanda, Siti Hajar Yusoff, Siti Fauziah Toha, Nurul Fadzlin Hasbullah, Nur Amelia Shafina Roszaidie


The inductive power transfer has contributed to the rise of the transportation industry. The depletion of energy resources such as petroleum has become a global issue where people started to realize that the use of petroleum-powered vehicles has not only to reduce the world's most important source of energy but also polluted the environment with the emission of unwanted gasses. Therefore, with the fast growth of the electric vehicle market, the technology to recharge the battery of the electric vehicle has attracted the attention of many researchers and car manufacturers where most attention focus on developing green transportation as the alternative besides the existing petroleum-powered vehicle. The static wireless power transfer has hugely implemented in developed countries such as German, China, France, Netherlands, and Japan. However, due to the arising problems of range limitation and time-consuming to recharge, a dynamic wireless power transfer has been proposed recently to make the charging process possible while the vehicle is moving. No matter which charging technique; either static charging or dynamic charging, the basic topologies for the inductive power transfer such as circular, square, and rectangular-shaped coil are discussed together with the critical factors that affecting the power transmission efficiency.


basic coil design; inductive power transfer; wireless power transfer (WPT); static charging; dynamic charging; electric vehicle (EV)


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