Simulation of Wear Particles on Electric-field Intensity Distribution Around Conductors

Zhao Meiyun, Liu Zhenglin, Zhao Xinze, Zhang Shaoqing


Taking LGJ150/25 as the study object, a finite element simulation model of space around the wire with fretting wear particles was built, which was used to study the influence of the size, the shape and the distribution of the fretting wear particles on electric-field intensity distribution around transmission wires. It is of important the theoretical significance and application prospects for this work to reduce the energy loss and the electromagnetic interference. The simulation result are as follows: in the case of the same loading voltage, when particles is higher than wire maximum diameter, the maximum field intensity around the wire is sharply increased; Along with increase of the radius of curvature of the particles, the maximum field intensity will be reduced; The degree of irregularity of particles distribution is larger, the maximum field intensity value is bigger. According to the relationship between the field intensity distribution and the corona inception voltage, it can be concluded that with the increase of the maximum field intensity, the corona inception voltage can be reduced, so corona inception voltage will be directly affected by fretting wear particles.



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