Energy Efficient Hierarchical Based Fish Eye State Routing Protocol for Flying Ad-hoc Networks

Muhammad Abul Hassan


Flying Ad-hoc networks are emergent areas in Ad-hoc networks evolved from MANETs and VANETs. Due to limited resource of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and efficiently utilization of these resources are most important in real time monitoring of FANETs. Selecting efficient routing protocol for data communication between UAVs and base station to utilize all available resources play vital role in extending network life time. In this Article we Implement Fisheye State Routing (FSR) protocol in flying ad-hoc networks and compare networks performance like Channel Utilization, Link Utilization vs Throughput and Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR)  with Distance Sequence Distance Vector (DSDV), Optimized Link state Routing  (OLSR) , Adhoc On Demand Distance Vector (AODV) , Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) and Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP). Experimental Analysis slows that FSR has good results in term of PDR, Channel Utilization and Link vs Throughput.


FANETS ; Routing Protocol ; Energy Efficient Protocol


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