Intelligent multimodal identification system based on local feature fusion between iris and finger vein

Enas Abbas Abed, Rana Jassim Mohammed, Dhafer Taha Shihab


Biometric identification systems, which use physical features to check a person's identity, ensure much higher security than password and number systems. Biometric features such as the face or a fingerprint can be stored on a microchip in a credit card, for example. A single modal biometric identification system fails to extract enough features for identification. Another disadvantage of using only one feature is not always readable. In this article, a smart multimodal biometric verification model for identifying and verifying a person's identity is recommended based on artificial intelligence methods. The proposed model is identified the iris and finger vein unique patterns each individual to overcome many challenges such as identity fraud, poor image quality, noise, and instability of the surrounding environment. Several experiments were performed on a dataset containing 50 people by using many matching methods. The results of the proposed model were provided a higher accuracy of 98%, with FAR and FRR of 0.0015% and 0.025%, respectively.


Finger vein identification system; Iris identification system; Multi-model biocentric system; Pattern recognition Sift

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