Automation of the Burner of a Pirotubular Boiler to improve the Efficiency in the generation of Steam

Omar Freddy Chamorro Atalaya, Dora Yvonne Arce Santillan


The purpose of this article is to describe the automation developed by means of a programmable logic controller for the burner of a fire tube boiler, in order to improve the efficiency in the process of generating steam quantified through the percentage of oxygen generated. The implementation was developed under a control strategy based on the use of servomotors that allow to gradually open or close the solenoid valves that dose the amount of air and fuel. This conception of automatism was established starting from the identification of the elements that intervene in the production of steam; Thus, considering that there are multiple elements, I limited the analysis to one of its main components, called the burner. After developing this automation, it was possible to evolve through a comparative analysis between the percentage of oxygen generated by the fire tube boiler before and after the automation, which increased this percentage by 18.69%; This means that the variability of the oxygen percentage was reduced in relation to the optimum or desired value in the boiler. The experimentally obtained data of the percentage of oxygen were subjected to a statistical analysis of dispersion, in which the value of the Pearson's correlation coefficient was determined, whose value was equal to 0.298; This result allowed us to conclude that the degree of variability of the indicator under analysis with respect to time is very low, which means that the variable maintains a constant value, equal to the desired value, after automating the fire tube boiler.


Fire tube boiler; Burner; Automation; Efficiency; Oxygen percentage; Steam Generation; Programmable Logic Controller; Variation of oxygen; Human Machine Interface


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