Predicting the user navigation pattern from web logs using weighted support approach

Om Prakash P. G., Jaya A., Ananthakumaran S., Ganesh G.


A weblog contains the history of previous user navigation pattern. If the customer accesses any portal of organization website, the log is generated in web server, based on sequence of user transaction. The weblog stored in the web server as unstructured format, it contains both positive and negative responses i.e. successful and unsuccessful responses, identifying the positive and negative response is not useful for identifying user behavior of individual user. Initially the successful response is taken, from that conversion of unstructured log format to structured log format through data preprocessing technique. The process of data preprocessor contains three step process data cleaning, user identification and session identification. The pattern is discovered by preprocessing technique from that user navigation pattern is generated. From that navigation pattern classifier technique is applied, the conversion of sequence pattern to sub sequence pattern by clustering technique. This research is to identify the user navigation pattern from weblog. The Improved Spanning classification algorithm classifies the frequent, infrequent and semi frequent pattern. To identify the optimal webpage using classificatopn algorithm from thet user behavior is identified.


Classification; Mining; Prediction; User behavior; User navigation; Web mining; Web traversal; Weblog

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