Improved dynamic performance of photovoltaic panel using fuzzy Logic-MPPT algorithm

Khalid W. Nasser, Salam J. Yaqoob, Zainab A. Hassoun


The nonlinear characteristics and intense credence dependence of photovoltaic (PV) panel on the solar irradiance and ambient temperature demonstrate important challenges for researchers in the PV panel topic. To overcome these problems, the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller is needed which can improve the PV panel efficiency. In other words, for maximum efficiency, the MPPT controller can help to extract the optimal and overall available output power from the PV panel at different output load conditions. Fuzzy logic (FL) is one of the strongest techniques in the extracting of MPP in the PV panel since it has several advantages; robust; no requirement to have an accurate mathematical model, and works with imprecise inputs. Therefore, in this paper, fuzzy logic (FL-MPPT) has been designed and simulated to improve dynamic performance PV panel at different solar irradiance and then increased the efficiency. Therefore, "MATLAB/Simulink software" has been used to build the proposed algorithm and the simulation results have been adequate as well. Besides, a robust FL-MPPT algorithm has been presented with high dynamic performance under different weather conditions. Finally, the proposed algorithm has a quicker response and less oscillatory comparison of the conventional algorithms in the subject of extracting the maximum PV power.


Fuzzy logic FL-MPPT; Fuzzy logic technique; Maximum power point tracking and the photovoltaic panel

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