Calculating algorithm of service quality statistical parameters for asynchronous network subscribers

Zhanar Satibaldievna Kemelbekova, Zhanar Kemelbekova


This article discussed the basic principle of the adaptive algorithm, which allows to optimally distribute channel resources between the channel switching subnets and packet switching as part of an asynchronous network. The basis of this principle is the method for solving the optimization problem, which calculates such as the probability of servicing the input load, the probability of loss of the input load, the probability of loss between a pair of nodes, as well as the calculation of the missed load along the entire path tree. The algorithm was created for a broadband digital network with service integration based on ATM technology, where the flow distribution is set by a route matrix, and the load distribution between nodes of each pair of nodes is made by a path tree obtained from the route matrix when calculating this pair.


asynchronous network, channel switching, packet switching


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