Frequency Control of Microgrid system based Renewable Generation using Fractional PID Controller

Regad Mohamed Sidi Brahim, M'hamed HELAIMI, Rachid Taleb, Hossam A.Gabbar, Ahmed M. Othman


This paper proposes a control frequency scheme of the microgrid system using a fractional PID controller (FOPID). The proposed system is composed of a photovoltaic system(PV), wind turbine generator(WTG), diesel engine generator (DEG), fuel cell (FC), and different storage systems (Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and Flywheel Energy Storage Systems (FESS)). Krill Herd is used for determining the five optimum fractional order PID controller parameters through the objective function resolve by optimization techniques. The main of this study is to reduce the frequency and power deviation by the application of FOPID controller. Results are compared and given that the fractional PID controller based KH shows better performance in comparison with the FOPID controller using GA.


Microgrid;Frequency regulation;FOPID controller;Genetic Algorithm;Krill Herd


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